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Providing property buying/selling alternatives and investment opportunities in the Houston area


Ready to Invest In Your Next Property?

Residential Investment Svcs. is a family-owned and operated real estate investment company, doing business in Houston and the surrounding area. We specialize in the acquisition, renovation, management and sale of single family and small multi-family properties. We work hard to develop sources and marketing strategies to identify sellers of residential real estate properties. With each acquisition, we seek to produce the highest return on investment possible and provide excellent opportunities for investment with consistent, safe, and attractive returns for our company and our investment partners.

Who We Work With

Residential Investment Svcs. continues to form a network of resources and relationships with real estate professionals, contractors, handymen, skilled tradesmen, and other vendors. Whether you are a rehabber seeking great deals to fix and flip; a landlord looking to expand your portfolio or sell unwanted rentals; or a private investor exploring safe opportunities to invest in real estate for better returns---

    We are ready to work with you!   

We also help people who are looking for a nice home to buy or lease? 

We Specialize In:

Residential Properties

We buy single family and small multi-family properties

Remodeled Properties

We sell and lease beautifully restored house​s

Investment Properties

We provide excellent investment  opportunities for our investor/partners

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